Why I Don’t Write In Public

I’ve never been able to write my stories or poems in cafes, libraries, restaurants, or any form of public transit. There are three reasons for this.

Reason 1: I seek inspiration everywhere.

Reason 2: I can’t focus with so much going on around me.

Reason 3: I don’t want to.

I seek inspiration everywhere

There have been train rides spanning hours in length (from an hour and a half to five…) where I could have gotten some serious writing done. I would bring my laptop or a notebook and prepare to weave the words.

But I didn’t write anything, and I’ve stopped trying to when I find myself using public transit, waiting in a restaurant, or sitting in a park.

When I’m out and about in public, whether walking along a trail or in a busy place with lots of people, those are times I’m gathering inspiration for writing.

There’s something magical about letting myself connect with the world outside of me. Living a homebound life (working from home perk, I guess?) means that my time spent in public is limited. Even when I was a university student and out and about every day, I still kept my writing time to my computers and notebooks at home.

I can’t focus with so much going on around me

I have trouble focusing on tasks when my environment is either too bland or too busy. The level of background noise is something I always consider for various tasks.

When I blog, make art, work on freelance edits and design, and keep up with my household, I listen to music, TV shows, and Let’s Plays. But writing? Writing is one of those pieces of work that needs minimal or very specific background noise. Public spaces are places I don’t have control over, and that’s okay! But that means I’m gambling every time I try to focus on a project in a public space.

I don’t want to.

There’s nothing I can say to back up or validate this reason. It’s a simple one. I really don’t like writing with other people around me, so I don’t do it.

Do you write in public spaces or restaurants?