March Bullet Journal Spreads

March in my bullet journal looked like most of my months. I had fun with an illustrative splash page with some hanging plants! I drew out all of my weekly layouts in advance, and then customised them with washi tape and colours when I got to those weeks.

I’m still obsessed with my bubbles for tracking! Maybe it’s because I grew up having to take so many Scantron tests… Or maybe it still reminds me of equipping Materia like in Final Fantasy 7.

My monthly calendars got a little more artsy than they normally do. I didn’t end up looking at them pages as much as I thought I would, including doing the exercise I thought I would, but that’s okay. For April, I’ll be changing up how I do these spreads!

For my weekly spreads, I start off very blank and add in the washi and other decor once I’m about halfway through the week. Some days have longer to do lists than others, and I can’t really guess which days those are for where I can add a strip of tape.

I’ve enjoyed these layouts for my week view, but I’m changing them for April since my needs have changed.

April looks beautiful, by the way. If you want a sneak peek, there’s a post on my Instagram!


  1. I love these spreads! I’m especially loving the theming in this one. The splash page is lovely. Honestly you’ve started to make me think I should pick up “proper” bujo – as you know, my way is really basic and doesn’t make use of much of the monthly planning. I kinda do things week by week and my notebook is simple and boring. I JUST LOVE YOUR WORK hehe ✨

    1. Haha, thanks Georgie!! April’s layouts, which I’m showing at the end of the month, get a lot more over the top. My planning started out really simple and the months aren’t as boring as the weeks, which I use more often. It’s definitely a lot of effort, so I understand why people don’t do it, but it can be very therapeutic to do it.

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