2017 Review

I had a lot of goals for 2017 that I didn’t achieve.

I’d say that’s okay, but there’s only so much slack I can give to myself. There’s only so much I can let slip by opposed to keeping myself accountable.

In 2017, I…

  • started freelance editing (January)
  • finished writing The Pilgrimage (February)
  • received my Bachelor of Arts from the University of Windsor (April)
  • moved back into my family home (May)
  • was prescribed medication for bipolar (June)
  • ended a long-term relationship/engagement (July)
  • made progress with my running (August and September)
  • visited Alberta for my dad’s wedding (October)
  • started driver’s ed and driving lessons (November)
  • survived another year (December)

No wonder when I saw my doctor in the middle of the year she said I was going through a lot of life changes.

I’m looking forward to 2018. There are goals from 2017 that I never finished, and also some that I never started. It will be my first full year not tied to school, which is very, very different, since I’ve never had time off of the educational institute in my life.

I’m hoping 2018 will leave me very fulfilled. ☺️