C25k Journey, Part 4

The couch-to-5K program is supposed to be done consistently, like any other exercise program, for it to be effective. I did not do it consistently over the summer. It may sound like I’m making excuses, but the weather just was not adequate for me to be outside running and I didn’t have the means to get to an air-conditioned gym or indoor track. I know what’s bad for my health, and exerting myself in humid and hot conditions is something that’s definitely, definitely bad for me.

So I’m restarting C25K! Now that fall is approaching, the temperatures are chillier (to a certain amount, but they’re still higher than they used to be because #climatechange). I’ve tried running in different temperatures, and anything above 18*C is too hot for me. What better way to get my regular exercise in by just restarting a program I knew was working and knew I could do? I’ve already done the first week again, and it was weird running the 1-minute intervals again after working myself up to 3-minute and 5-minute intervals! I felt like I was doing HIIT cardio while redoing Week 1.

The unfortunate thing is that the temperature has picked up again this week, so I haven’t run since I last went, and I don’t think I’ll be able to get a run in until the end of the month. But I know that when the temperature is a consistently comfortable one, I’ll be out every other day for my run. I’m so excited.

Week 1 was easy, even if I was blindsided by the 60-second intervals. I’ve gotten faster and my cardiovascular strength has improved. My usual 30-minute route isn’t long enough to fill 30-minutes now, so I loop back in a few sections to make up the difference between the time and distance. My heart rate returns to normal and has lowered significantly compared to when I first started.

Overall, I’m proud of what I’ve done even if it wasn’t a completed couch-to-5K program. This time, though, I’ll finish it for sure.