Month In Review: August 2017

Oh jeez, I didn’t blog… at all in August. This happens sometimes, and you know what? Time to move on! I can’t go back and make August content when tomorrow is September.

A celebration: My poetry collection is done and now it just needs to be assembled and published.

A change: Impromptu break from blogging this month, haha.

A conflict: I think my medication needs to be upped to a higher dose.

A relief: My medication is working and I’m doing better when it comes to actually… doing things.

A regret: I didn’t blog much or edit my novel this month, nooo!

A random memory: I went camping for a week and there was a deer that just trotted onto the campsite while I was tending to the fire. It gave zero shits whatsoever.

I’m looking forward to September. I have a few appointments with the doctor the first week, one of which concerns my medication. I’m aiming to get more blog posts up about my experience on the antipsychotics! I have a few projects that I want to get back on the ground and work on, too. I’m trying not to think too far ahead to October, since there’s a lot going on in that month, but it’s hard to focus on the present sometimes.

Onward to fall! Give me cooler weather, please! I want to go running regularly!