Month In Review: August 2017

Oh jeez, I didn’t blog… at all in August. This happens sometimes, and you know what? Time to move on! I can’t go back and make August content when tomorrow is September.

A celebration: My poetry collection is done and now it just needs to be assembled and published.

A change: Impromptu break from blogging this month, haha.

A conflict: I think my medication needs to be upped to a higher dose.

A relief: My medication is working and I’m doing better when it comes to actually… doing things.

A regret: I didn’t blog much or edit my novel this month, nooo!

A random memory: I went camping for a week and there was a deer that just trotted onto the campsite while I was tending to the fire. It gave zero shits whatsoever.

I’m looking forward to September. I have a few appointments with the doctor the first week, one of which concerns my medication. I’m aiming to get more blog posts up about my experience on the antipsychotics! I have a few projects that I want to get back on the ground and work on, too. I’m trying not to think too far ahead to October, since there’s a lot going on in that month, but it’s hard to focus on the present sometimes.

Onward to fall! Give me cooler weather, please! I want to go running regularly!

Month In Review: July 2017

Time flew this month, wow! I can’t believe July is not only over, but we’re already three days into August. I’ll be glad once summer is over, to be honest. It’s too hot, too humid, and too lonely this time of year.

A celebration: Renovations started on the house and there has been lots of progress!

A change: My boyfriend and I ended our relationship.

A conflict: I started medication for my mental health and needed time adjusting to them.

A relief: My medication was pretty helpful! I’m going into the second month of them now and hoping for the best. There haven’t been many side effects since I started, too, so that’s also a relief.

A regret: I neglected my blog and my writing all over, so I feel guilty for making little progress on my novel and also not writing some of the posts I wanted to in July.

A random memory: I tweeted about this (see the moment here), but when I was doing yard work, there was a cute spider doing spider things. I’ve been practising more kindness toward bugs, since they were one of the things I immediately would scream at and try to kill. I have issues with being aggressive (and not in a good way), so being gentle with something that sued to make me impulsively want to kill it has been a great way in being gentler in the rest of my life.

I’m doing more work in August and trying not to think about the fall and winter. My home life is changing a lot once we get into the third quarter. October is going to be a busy month, along with my birthday month. I know that’s only two months ahead, but only a few months ago it was spring and I was moving back home from Windsor.