C25K Journey, Part 3

C25K Journey, Part 1| C25K Journey, Part 2

I know I’m supposed to do C25K three times a week, but the weather is not nice where I live.

Week 3

3 sessions of 28 minutes each, consisting of:

  • 5-minute warm up
  • Two 90-second runs
  • Two 90-second walks
  • Two 3-minute runs
  • Two 3-minute walks
  • 5-minute cool down
June 21: Week 2 Day 3 (repeated)/Run 7

It had been nearly 3 weeks since I last went for a run, so I repeated the last one I did to make sure I could still do it. And I could! It was nice to get out again after being sick.

Runtime: 9 minutes

June 24: Week 3 Day 1/Run 8

This run was later in the day, right before sunset, so it was a little too dark for me to be very comfortable. I did a road run instead of a trail run, and there was a large hill and the distance was more than I thought; so I did more walking than the program calls for, which is okay by me!

Runtime: 9 minutes

June 26: Week 3 Day 2/Run 9

An okay run. I think my stomach was a bit too full from dinner, since I got a side stitch in the last 1/4 of the session. This was a trail run, and it was again too close to sunset, so the paths were dim and my fear of the dark was intense.

Runtime: 9 minutes

July 3: Week 3 Day 3/Run 10

I tried to go before the weather got too hot, but unfortunately had to stop the last 90-seconds of the final 3-minute run. I wasn’t sweating properly—my skin was abnormally dry compared to how it is when I run. I was getting lightheaded and nauseated, and that’s how I knew I had to stop exerting myself so much. Overall, though? It was a pretty good session.

Runtime: 8.5 minutes

July 13: Week 3 Day 3 (repeated)/Run 11

I was so excited I got a run in! I woke up, checked the weather, and managed to get it in really quickly after getting out of bed. Breaking my fast with a granola bar, then going for a run 15 minutes later? It was do-able, but probably not the best. I loved that it was raining, though, since it kept me cool.

Runtime: 9 minutes

I think I need to put the program on hiatus until September. The temperatures just aren’t good for me to be outside running. I can get my exercise in with free weights, yoga, and at-home cardio… I hope.