C25K Journey, Part 2

Another check-in for my #CorylC25K activity! This will be a short one. Why?

I’ve only done two more runs since I posted part 1 of my C25K journey.

Week 2

3 sessions of 31 minutes each, consisting of:

  • 5-minute warm up
  • Six 90-second runs
  • Six 120-second walks
  • 5-minute cool down
May 25: Week 2 Day 2/Run 5

This was a great run! I was pumped up and excited to go, and was pleasantly surprised with myself that I did the whole thing (since the run before it was shortened due to my sinus infection). This is also when I started doing dynamic stretches to loosen up my hips, legs, and back before doing the 5-minute walking warmup.

Runtime: 9 minutes

June 1: Week 2 Day 3/Run 6

This was the best run I’ve had so far. I didn’t need to pump myself up for the jogging segments and wasn’t double checking my phone to see how much time was left until I could walk again. If all my runs were like this, I’d become a runner.

Runtime: 9 minutes

Unfortunately, the weather hasn’t made it very good for me to go running at all since then. First, there were lots of rainshowers, and since I run on trails near a creek, it would’ve been dangerous for me to go running in the wet. The erosion in the trail is pretty bad during and after rain. Second, the heat waves started coming in! I’m already heat sensitive, so when it gets hot, I avoid outdoors like crazy—but we also had a few heat warnings from Environment Canada.

And then I got sick again.

June 14th would’ve been a good day for a run if I weren’t sick again. I think I have a bout of the flu and I’m coughing up gunk. The day before, I was feverish and slept a lot, so when I woke up early today and feeling great, I thought I could go for a run. Then I took a deep breath and hacked up phlegm.

I wish I could keep at it more, but when cardio exercise is a risk for my health, doing it isn’t worth the effort.

I’m not sure if I’ll even be able to continue once I’m breathing normally again. I may be able to if I manage to wake up early in the morning before the sun burns everything (including me), even though I need a lot of time after waking to get my body ready to even walk around, let alone jog and hit the trails.

But we’ll see! I keep thinking about that great last run and how I want to aim for that again. On my next run, I’m definitely going to repeat a run from Week 2, since I didn’t fully complete one of them and I’ll have taken a long break.