C25K Journey: Part 1

If you follow me on Twitter or Snapchat, you might have seen that I’ve been doing the Couch to 5K runs! I’m using the “C25K” app on Android by Zen Labs.

Here’s a quick rundown of the C25K program that I’ve done so far.

Week 1

3 sessions of 30 minutes each, consisting of:

  • 5-minute warm up
  • Eight 60-second runs
  • Eight 90-second walks
  • 5-minute cool down
Week 2

3 sessions of 31 minutes each, consisting of:

  • 5-minute warm up
  • Six 90-second runs
  • Six 120-second walks
  • 5-minute cool down

So far, I’ve completed week 1 and done the first day in week 2! I’m trying to go for sessions at least every 3rd day, or even 3 times per week. I started on a Wednesday, so the scheduling has been a little off. I wanted to get started a lot sooner, but after I moved at the beginning of this month, my town got rain every. single. day. I’ve done the runs through the trails near my house. The paths go up and down hills and have loads of roots, so it was nice to be mentally on my toes (haha) and on the lookout for possible hazards. I don’t like monotonous exercise, so running on a flat path gets incredibly boring.

My goal for this program is to increase my cardiovascular skills and heart health. My grandfather has had numerous heart surgeries. My uncle was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. It kind of dawned on me that I need to make more effort in taking care of my physical health, and having a guide like C25K has been helpful so far. It’s hard to value myself, so any motivation to take care of my body has usually sucked. Things like, “You’re worth the effort!” are useless on me. The practical aspect of “Aiming to reduce heart problems in the future” is a lot easier to convince my brain as the truth. I’m tired of getting winded going up the stairs.

Anyway, I digress.

I wanted to check in to hold myself more accountable. Going into week 2, I was low on motivation, so checking in here might help keep me more accountable.

May 3: Week 1 Day 1/Run 1

I felt dead for a lot of this. After the 2nd run for a minute, I was very wheezy. I was still figuring out my route. I skipped one of the runs since my route took me to a large gravel hill, and I spent more time than intended, but with the longer route, I had lots of walking time involved.

Runtime: 7 minutes

May 6: Week 1 Day 2/Run 2

It was rainy this day, so I put on a hat and sweater, and went anyway. I felt more like a badass, even though it was only spitting. I thought I would have to cut the session short, since the route I went on Day 1 was different, but the loop I did ended up being just enough time! Unfortunately, I overdressed to compensate for the rain, and ended up overheating a lot.

Runtime: 8 minutes

May 9: Week 1 Day 3/Run 3

This was a great one. I did the warm up in my backyard, doing a bunch of moving stretches and high knees. I much preferred this to walking for 5 minutes. I did the same loop as Run 2 and got back to my house with time to spare—I ended up pacing around the house for my cool down.

Runtime: 8 minutes

May 12: Week 2 Day 1/Run 4

I was hesitant to go this day, but I knew that if I didn’t go, I’d start feeling guilty. Besides, I was a little angsty and needed to “do” something. I did the same warm up as Run 3, and walked until I hit the trail. I cut back on two of the running segments, reducing my total running time from 9 minutes to 8 1/2. Still, better than I was at the start.

Runtime: 8 1/2 minutes

At some point at the end of my run, usually during or after the cool down, I measured my heart rate, and I’ve noticed it’s gone down as I’ve gotten through each run.

So far, I’m enjoying this. I know at some point I’ll need to buy new shoes that are more appropriate for my feet. My current shoes are from 2008, getting worn down, and aren’t very “technical” when it comes to a running shoe. But at this point in time, I don’t care. I haven’t accrued any injuries or sores, aside from the exhaustion of, y’know, running. In time I’ll get better gear for my feet.

I got sick at the beginning of this week—not just a cold and sore throat, but an additional infection that would’ve made running incredibly uncomfortable—so I had to take a small break from the runs. The weather got hot, too, and I’m heat sensitive. I hope I can do a session tomorrow after the thunderstorm risk passes! I’m planning on doing Week 2/Day 1 again, since I struggled with it and have also had a week-long break from jogging.

I’m not sure when I’ll post the second part, but it’ll likely be next month!


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