Quick Blog Update!

This is a quick update to say I’m reducing my posts from three times a week to only twice a week. Here is the new change.

  • Monday: Bullet journal posts, on the regular.
  • Any other day of the week: Personal topics, writing-related posts, and any other surprises I come up with or that strike me.

I’m focusing more on my work starting this month, and by “work” I mean creating art, writing stories and poetry, and editing fellow writers’ work. (If you’re interested in hiring me, I’m available to take on more clients for the start of June!)

I may only test this out for the month. At the start of May, I decided to be more spontaneous in my hobbies, and up the seriousness of the artistic crafts I’ve been wanting to focus on for so long. I’m hoping to update more often with my writing and artistic projects, rather than providing more posts.

Besides, I’m screaming on Twitter often enough that we don’t really need to read me three times per week here.

You’ll get another post on Monday, so thanks for being patient with me.

Thanks for understanding!


  1. I understand the need to change the blogging routine! ❤

    Hope you this one works out or you find one that does if this one doesn’t. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much, Liz! I knew that if I kept up the 3x a week posting, I’d start to neglect the blog and feel bad, so I’m excited for the change.

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