My Hometown

I’m moving back to my hometown at the end of the month. The longest time I’ve spent there, since I moved out for university, was from April to August of 2015. Now, I’m moving back to live with my dad for an indefinite and longer period of time.

I’m not going to get into the fact that I’m an adult and I’ll be living with my parent again. Instead, I’m going to focus on the parts of my hometown I’m excited to see again.

The local library is a 20-minute walk away, uphill. I can either walk along the street and end up there, or I can walk through the trail in the forest by the creek—and get there in the same amount of time. Because the library works within a county and has three branches in different communities, there’s an interlibrary loan system. Considering the population where I’m from is 99% white, I don’t have high hopes that the reading selection reflects that, but I’ll see what’s available when I’m back.

I feel conflicted about how out-of-the-way my hometown is. We have to drive into a town to get groceries and literally anything that we may need. Nothing is within walking distance, aside from the library and a nearby plaza. A positive about this is that I won’t be impulse buying fast food or other products very often. A negative about this is that I’ll have to drive, get a ride, and work with my drivers’ schedules in order to get things.

I can’t wait to see stars. In Windsor, the light pollution is bad and I can’t see many stars. But in my hometown, I can look up and see actual constellations. I love the cosmos, and being able to look outside at night and feel small under the sky.

The air in my hometown is so breathable. I’m lucky to not have pollen allergies or asthma, so living in Windsor wasn’t too terrible. But the pollution is horrible and the smells from downriver are awful. Every time I visited my dad, I’d get home, step out of the car, and take a deep breath. The fresh air through the summer will be amazing.

A backyard, a book, and a comfy chair under the sun or umbrella shade. What more do I need to say?

The temperatures will be lower during the summer. I’m tired of the 30 to 40-degree (Celsius) temperature in Windsor, plus the humidity. My hometown is still warm, but it’s more bearable.

I’m looking forward to being with my family again, too. My grandparents and one of my aunts live nearby and I’ll be living with my little brother and dad. My brother can be a huge pain, but he’s still my brother. My dad is eager to have my home and support all my creative endeavours in the best way he can. The best part about living with my family? They’re often not home. I’ll have lots of time to myself, and fewer distractions and auditory triggers.

The best part of moving back home will be the lack of bills. I’m so grateful my dad won’t be asking me to foot rent, utility, and grocery bills. It’s another way he’ll be supporting me, since he couldn’t support my university career.

I’ve always had an appreciation fro my hometown, but it’s grown as I’ve lived away from it. It’s not the same feeling of love I had while I was a child growing up there, and it’s not as if I return home and expect or hope for good childhood feelings. Instead, I’m coming back to my small village and excited to be somewhere quieter, cleaner, and comfier.