April 2017 Bullet Journal Spread Check-in

This is a quick post as a follow-up to my April spread!

I changed my regular layout, so I figured it would be beneficial to see how it’s going for me.

I haven’t added much to my layout. For the first week, I sort of neglected it. But now I’m referring back to my checklists and preparing to add more information. I haven’t gotten around to closing utility accounts, so I can’t forget to deal with those near the end of the month.

Halfway through the month, I don’t think I’ll do this set-up again. I prefer having more detail and to-do lists. I think I’ll change up the next spread I do in May, rather than sticking to the ones I’ve been doing before. I’m not checking in to my bullet journal as much as I used to. In a way, this month-only view has been a bit of a break from my planner.

I won’t say that this spread didn’t “work” and that I’ll never do it again. It’s ended up being something I’m not focused on, but not neglecting.