April 2017 Monthly Bullet Journal Spread

Literally too lazy to fix the orientation of this photo.

Here’s my spread for the upcoming month.

It’s a simple to-do list. I’ve got room for more, in case I need more. I found myself neglecting a lot of spreads in my bullet journal, as well as spreading myself thin between too many projects every single day. So, I’ve gone for a simple month-long look at goals, projects, and tasks.

Beside the calendar is my small to-do list for different tasks and goals. I have my list for the blog posts, since I need to get them scheduled so I can use my time for packing and moving. I’ll likely add more as the month goes on!


  1. This is cute! 🙂 I love the little to-dos throughout – nice for an overview of the whole month. I feel like this would work for me personally.

    I have really enjoyed reading your BuJo posts and it makes me a little more keen to give it some more effort beyond my simple to-dos. I think the fact that I like to have digital lists is the real reason I don’t feel the “need” to use paper or maintain what happens in my notebook. ?

    1. It’s a very different style to what I’ve been doing, so I’m hoping it works as intended and I actually get things done this month. I use digital lists alongside the bullet journal, but they’re for the things that sort of… remain digital? I meal plan and track my eating with notes on my phone, since it’s easier that way, for some reason. I’ve drifted away from paper this month, but that’s fine by me.

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