Writing Resource Roundup: Motivation

The last little bit of my novel was a huge drag to write. I don’t know what it was, but it seemed to take me forever to get the last few scenes written. I felt discouraged and unmotivated after I finished the draft, and was then required to leave it alone before revisions. So, I went on the search for encouragement, motivation, and uplifting words for my writing.

Here are 6 posts that spoke to me on the different kinds of motivation a writer needs!

Encouragement for Those Who Want to Get Back Into Writing by Mary from Verily Merrily Mary

This short and sweet post was so helpful to me when I came across it earlier this month! It’s exactly the motivation and reassurance I needed to read while I embarked on my hiatus from writing.

To the Writer Who Wants to Write But Life is a Little Too Much in the Way by K.M. Updike from The Quiet Writer’s Desk

…yes, you’ve grown up, and yes, you’ve changed, and this means that a bazillion more ways just opened up for you to be a writer.

This wonderfully written open letter talks to a writer with a busy life who still wants to partake in their passion. I absolutely loved this article, since it’s written to someone the author knows. I absolutely recommend it to any writer who also has full-time commitments. It’s so uplifting!

Dear Discouraged Writer: You’re Going to Make It by Meghan at The Lady In Read

This post, also an open letter, is so personal and aimed toward the writers with day jobs. It’s incredibly uplifting and relatable to hear the same “What if?” questions from another writer.

The Writers Block: Motivation To Write #1 by Beth Barany from Writer’s Fun Zone

By understanding why and how our internal “monsters” inhibit our passion, we can then galvanize our writing in new ways.

This step-by-step article asks questions and shares tips to help you maintain the love of writing, as well as overcome writer’s block. This was a wonderful, methodical approach to writing, writer’s block, and motivation.

How To Let Go Of The Pressure To Be Perfect from Writer’s Relief

This quick read has some great, simple tips for combatting your perfectionism. This is perfect for writers who are drafting or revising!

Psyched to Write! – Overcoming the Transition Barrier by T. James Moore from Writer’s Relief

Perhaps the most important thing to recognize in navigating transitions is that a lot of our hesitation is based on fear.

This is the best piece I read as I prepare to edit my work. Transitioning in any capacity is difficult, but it’s also one of the forms of writer’s block that I know I struggle with.

Are there any blog posts or articles out there that help motivate you as a writer, or even motivate you more generally?