#WIPjoy Day 8

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Welcome to #WIPjoy! This is week 2, where I discuss relationships in the book.

Day 8: Who’s your protagonist’s best friend?

My protagonist, Zephyr, has a twin sister named Dwyn. They’ve been close since they were babies and they’re, frankly, the other’s only close friend. Having a sibling as your best friend is different from having just a best friend, though. The two share more than interests and good chemistry: they share DNA and life experiences.

#WIPjoy Day 7

A desert at sunset with a text overly that reads WIPjoy Day 7

Welcome to #WIPjoy!

Day 7: Tell us about YOU and your work!

Well, I’m Coryl. I’ve been writing for a long time, but only started taking it seriously in 2010. Almost all of my writing deals with one of the following themes: identity, death, and failure. …And most of my writing is tragedy rather than comedy.

I haven’t really published much. I’ve been in a few zines in university. I’ve written poetry and short stories, and have been writing novels on the side. Poetry definitely feels easiest to write, but novels are my main goal.

#WIPjoy Day 6

A desert at sunset with a text overly that reads WIPjoy Day 6

Welcome to #WIPjoy!

Day 6: Which character is hardest to write?

Imani is definitely the hardest character for me to write. She’s a black woman who lived in a small, isolated community. Her character arc in the story comes from her trying to find her missing younger sister—who she’s cared for over the past few years after the rest of her family drowned. Imani is difficult because of the community she’s grown up in (think “small town” but also “xenophobia,” “revolution,” and “generation gap”) and her relationship with her younger sister. These are two core elements to her person that I have no experience with whatsoever. She’s truly out of my personal understanding, so I’ve worked to get as much insight into these situations as possible.

#WIPjoy Day 5

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Welcome to #WIPjoy!

Day 5: How easy is this WIP to write?

Considering I started it in the summer of 2013, have rewritten it three times now, and I’m only (on this draft) getting it to a place where it looks like a good story… it could be considered difficult. But it’s also the first book I’ve seriously tried to write. When it comes to the actual writing—the outlining, plotting, character building, drafting, revising—I’m having quite an easy time with it. The story flows, and it’s been hard work trying to get to the point where it continually flows.

#WIPjoy Day 3

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Welcome to #WIPjoy!

Day 3: How do you get to know your characters?

I’ve personally gotten to know them over the past few years through writing them into so many drafts. But in the story, we get to know the characters through their interaction with each other, as well as their families. Zephyr has a twin sister, Dwyn, and their family bond is important. Imani has a younger sister, Ayesha, who goes missing—and she’s the only family she has left. Gabriel leaves his family after they prove themselves to be inadequate in supporting him. So through all the troubles the characters go through, the role of their family tells us about them.

#WIPjoy Day 2

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Welcome to #WIPjoy!

Day 2: Why does your protagonist pull at your heartstrings?

My protagonist, Zephyr, pulls at my heartstrings because, well, he’s a part of myself. He’s anxious about change, and wants to know about every possibly variable in a plan before he makes any decisions and takes action. He truly wants everything to be right and good, so my heartstrings get yanked because he has to come to terms with that, and then shift his entire perspective. He learns the hard way that, no matter how badly you want something—whether it’s moral, tangible, or emotional—there’s no guarantee you’ll get it.

#WIPjoy Day 1

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Welcome to #WIPjoy!

Day 1: Introduce your WIP

The Pilgrimage is a high fantasy novel featuring a set of twins, a trans man, a woman and her lost sister, and a student hell-bent on success. There’s magic and mermaids; friends, family, and foes; and teenagers realising the world is a cruel, harsh place—and the systems they live in are bigger than they could have imagined.