#WIPjoy Day 27

A desert at sunset with a text overly that reads WIPjoy Day 27

Welcome to #WIPjoy! This week is done in roleplay, and I’ll be responding from the perspective of my characters!

Day 27: Do you sympathise with (or relate to) the antagonist?

Zephyr: No, I don’t sympathise or relate with her, at all.

Dwyn: I want to rip the rest of her hair out.

Imani: We don’t know each other, but from what I’ve heard… I doubt we would find any common ground.

Gabriel: Absolutely not.

Harlow: Zephyr and I do not get along well, but I think we have some similarities. The biggest difference between us? I use my potential to the fullest, whereas he does the bare minimum—and somehow gets to be put above the rest of us.