#WIPjoy Day 25

A desert at sunset with a text overly that reads WIPjoy Day 25

Welcome to #WIPjoy! This week is done in roleplay, and I’ll be responding from the perspective of my characters!

Day 25: A line you were proud to say.

Zephyr: “Dwyn, now isn’t the time for me to console you.” As much as I love my sister, she doesn’t have the best timing.

Dwyn: More than a line, since I went on a diatribe to Zephyr, but I’ll shorten it up for this: “Do you have any idea how lonely it is? … When you have no co-workers and your ship’s captain is a bombshell who wouldn’t give a girl anything more than a friendly hug? I have no friends, Zeph. I only have you now.”

Imani: “Do you regularly let all of the children swarm on one, like wolves on a weakened animal?”

Gabriel: “You can’t have me, in whatever context you mean.”

Harlow: “Because you’re not worthy. You don’t deserve the magic from this mountain.” We all should know by now who I said that to.