#WIPjoy Day 23

A desert at sunset with a text overly that reads WIPjoy Day 23

Welcome to #WIPjoy! This week is done in roleplay, and I’ll be responding from the perspective of my characters!

Day 23: One thing you’d change in your past?

Zephyr: I would have joined extra-curricular groups at the Academy.

Dwyn: Entering the workforce as early as I did. Fourteen is a little too early—but don’t tell them that; they thought I was reaching my sixteenth birthday when I got the job.

Imani: I’d take back the meeting I had at the schoolhouse before my sister disappeared. I’m partly to blame for it. I should have minded my own business.

Gabriel: I wish I could’ve stayed in my hometown with both of my parents.

Harlow: I would have sought an apprenticeship earlier, even though that would have been against Academy policy. I lost so many years waiting to train when I could have, and now Zephyr has me beat.