#WIPjoy Day 18

A desert at sunset with a text overly that reads WIPjoy Day 18

Welcome to #WIPjoy! This is week 3 and I’m posting a few of my favourite things about the WIP.

Day 18: Share an example of your best prose!

I don’t know if this would be one of my “best” segments. This question would be answered better if I were in the revising stage! (I have a rule of not reading through my work until it’s done, so I don’t over-edit while drafting.) However, I still really love this part, both in terms of the story and the words.

The town aged as they continued down the road. The cobbles beneath the twins’ feet became broken and uneven. All around them, the heavy, quiet air launched them into a settlement entirely different from the expanding, constant-construction mess on the trade route. Clay and old planks boarded up a handful of the openings they passed. A wooden door creaked on a hidden breeze. Dwyn felt the sensation of spirits, of people who hide like hermits in their safe spaces. She didn’t believe in ghosts, not like her brother, but something about this neighbourhood could convince her to start believing. The two of them slowed their pace together, without prompt from the other and without need for caution. Another door creaked, closer than the first one, and Dwyn jerked to look over her shoulder. A hunched old woman, her deep brown face hooded with a white linen, stepped down from a doorway and onto the stones. She clunked a cane in front of her and hobbled away from the twins without acknowledging that they were there.