#WIPjoy Day 13

A desert at sunset with a text overly that reads WIPjoy Day 13

Welcome to #WIPjoy! This is week 2, where I discuss relationships in the book.

Day 13: What’s a message about relationships in your book?

They’re complicated and everyone experiences them differently. Another character had her entire family (except her much younger sister) perish, and she’s devastated. Two of the characters had their mother leave them when they were very young—and they’re not bitter. And the last main character has a mother whose priorities lie away from them, and he’s bitter as hell.

I write a lot on family relationships as well as new relationships. Because all of the characters don’t know each other (aside from the twins), I strived to show differences in how people begin friendships and relationships. Even the same person reacts to people differently, such as Imani reacting to Dwyn and Zephyr, the twins.