Month In Review: November 2016

Thin wooden boards with contrasting light and dark brown colouring.

This past month, I took a break from the blog and social media, continued from October. I’d like to say that it made my life better, but it didn’t make much of a difference. A lot of other factors affected my health and well-being through November, so social media didn’t… have the same place it did before? I took the break in October because I was getting very attached to it and wasting a lot of time on it. But for November, it fell to the wayside very naturally and all my activity on it since then has felt okay.

I still miss my rabbit so much, but this isn’t my first grief and it’s by far the healthiest mourning I’ve done.

My month is a bit of a haze. I’m not sure what exactly I’ve been up to. I’ve mostly worked on school and tried not to let my body fall into ruin. I know I spent a lot of time entertaining myself with the Internet and video games. It was hard to get through the middle of my semester—I often lose motivation nearing the end of any type of task, and university has been no different. But! Only a week of classes, some exams, and then I’m done! I still need to wait to find out how to apply to graduate. I recently submitted a few forms to the Financial office at the university, since I’m not registering for classes in the Winter semester, and am waiting to see how they update my file. Unfortunately, the online applications to graduate aren’t open yet. This has made me incredibly frustrated, since I want to get the process going now and be on the way to officially finishing.

In fact, I’m so excited to be done school that I made a list of all the activities I like to do. Some of them, such as the writing and reading, are less “leisure” or “free time” activities once I’ll be done with school. Those activities are the ones that need priority. I’m so accustomed to setting aside all my hobbies during school that the free time will inevitably make me feel terrible for doing any of them. I need to remember, though: I have goals and it is productive to do anything that works toward those goals. Reading will no longer be leisurely. Writing will no longer be pushed to my “free time.” I’m so, so excited to be free of the educational institution. I’ve spent all of my life in schools and it’s time to get.

In December, I’m excited for…

  • Finishing my last semester of university (classes end on December 7 and my last exam is on December 21)!
  • Seeing my family again.
  • Taking the train in business class for the first time, which means I get a meal and, so my boyfriend says, wine.
  • Starting a new bullet journal! The 100-page, 6 x 9 inch book from Productive Luddite will run out by the time I finish classes, so I’ll start the new one in January for the new year! (Expect a blog post on that, heck yes).
  • Returning to blogging.