Writing Wednesday: Phrase Prompts

A close-up photograph with a pen and faded ink on a notebook.

Today is another prompt post. I didn’t have a specific form in mind when I wrote these phrases—you can use them for any of your writing. Feel free to mix them around, change them, or use them verbatim.

  1. The sea met the sunrise, and I couldn’t believe my eyes.
  2. Yesterday, at the corner of Brook and Augustus, the stop sign fell over.
  3. My grandmother, lying on her death bed, says to me, “In my 88 years, I’ve never seen a shooting star.”
  4. She called her on Monday and left a voicemail—she hasn’t listened to her message yet, and it’s already Saturday.
  5. Wind breathes through the thick trees, rustling them against an overcast sky.
  6. After he returned with the groceries, his daughter double-checked the list and squinted at her wife.
  7. They met in the ship, shared a smile, and made arrangements for dinner just as the bell started to knell.
  8. The margin between reality and unreality broke under the weight of their exhale.
  9. I rose in a cloud of warm, weak smoke once the demon summoned me.
  10. I stand at the bus stop and the preteen boy beside me asks, “When do you think this rain will stop?”
  11. In the dead of night, the witch climbed through my window and I breathed a quiet sigh of relief.
  12. Portrien approached me with an arrow through his feathery wing.
  13. A man in her forties jealously glared at me while he walked toward the train station.

Add some if you have any, or combine them, or do whatever! Happy writing, everyone.