Bullet Journal Spreads: September 2016

We’re reaching the end of the month, so I figured I’d showcase how my new bullet journal setup has fared throughout September. This is all in the new notebook I started (review of the “Productive Luddite” book here!) using a Uniball Signo 207 black pen.

I don’t have a spread of the weekly spread from September 25th to October 2nd since I haven’t finished it yet. I can tell you, though, I’m trying something different: I’m doing a “dutch door” spread, with my weekly whatnots above (in the top window) and my daily logs in the pages below. I’ll definitely be posting a picture, but it’ll be on my Instagram.

Okay. I’m done dropping links. Let’s get started with the spreads!


Text reading "September" surrounded by abstract swirls.

I love having an opening title page to the month. This is something I started doing at the end of my previous notebook, but this time around, I wanted to spruce it up. Some might call this a “zentangle” but it doesn’t conform to that trend (which… has been copyrighted. A’ight). I’ve been adding to this abstract doodle throughout the month and I’m still unsure if I want to add colour or not!

September calendar and a chart for tracking habits.

This is my calendar view and my habit tracker. I’ll admit: that calendar view was basically useless. I’ve tried this, a list view, and a larger calendar. But I just can’t seem to find something that works. I’m not sure how to improve on this, so I don’t know if I’ll include a monthly view in October at all.


Most of my weekly “spreads” are just one-page outlines of deadlines that week, goals I want to accomplish, and a few have a small calendar view.

A display of the week (September 5th to 11th) with a calendar, a to-do list, and deadlines.

A display of the week (September 12th to 18th ) with a calendar, a to-do list, and deadlines.

A display of the week (September 19th to 25th) with a calendar, a to-do list, and deadlines.


I like to use as much space as possible on pages, so my daily logs are about 2 days to a page. These are all pretty similar, and I’m thinking of different ways to improve on the spreads. I think the “dutch door” view I’m trying for this week will be the biggest change and will help me figure out how best to do things.

I think for my future daily logs, I want to categories better. I’ve struggled managing my time since school started, because I suck at realising how much time it takes for me to read through mandatory papers and stories and poems. I’m thinking for this week, I’ll use categories. I’m still not sure what categories, however, but I’ll figure out something.

I also miss my schedule/time codex, so I think I’ll bring that back in some form. It was weird trying to use it at the beginning of the semester, but I think it’ll be the most helpful now with classes in full swing.


A to-do list from September 5th to 8th

A to-do list from September 12th to 16th

A to-do list from September 19th to 22nd

A to-do list from September 23rd to 25th

This has been a great review of my spreads and what works for me, just through what hasn’t been working for me.

  1. Goals need to be visible daily for me to feel motivated.
  2. Daily logs are improved with categories.
  3. The time codex deserves a comeback.

I’m excited for the new month next week. It’s also my birthday month, and it should be colder, and I’m looking forward to the season.

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