5 Very Specific Pet Peeves

Like every other human on the planet, I get annoyed. And I get annoyed quite often. I have a short fuse. A temper, if you will. And some things are like a million matches set on that short fuse.

Waking up to someone’s voice

You could be my best friend, my partner, my family, a stranger—and I will still be bitter for the entire damn day if I have to wake up because I overheard your voice. Not because you were talking trying that ito wake me up. No, no—if I wake up because you’re talking and ignoring or forgetting that I’m asleep, so you’re talking normal volume, having a conversation or whatever… Congratulations: I hate you for an indeterminate amount of time.

Websites that don’t let me view the desktop version while I’m on mobile

Listen, I know that having your website be responsive for multiple devices is a great thing to do. But if it impedes on my ability to access certain parts of your website, or if the layout is so drastically different that I’m not sure if I’m on the legitimate website, then we have a problem. (I’m looking at you, Google Drive: I don’t want to nor do I have the storage space to download your fucking app.) Some websites have a whole different subdomain for mobile, and some have their sites be responsive. And honestly, most of the time I’ll stop what I’m doing and set it aside until I’m on a desktop.

When people disrespect the fact that I often get sensory overload

Sensory overload for me makes me irritable, confused, and unable to focus—in that order. So I’m going to start off being grumpy and annoyed until I remember, “Hey, Coryl? You have PTSD. Right now, your senses are overloaded. Put on some earplugs or headphones.” I resort to listening to music with headphones, unless I’m trying to sleep, and I get so pissed off when people—especially strangers—want me to take them out so they can say something. True, you don’t know when it’s okay to bother me, but I’d think my body language of completely ignoring my surroundings would be enough to say “Ignore me in return.” I’m not hard to read, after all; my face is quite expressive.

Comments on what I eat or don’t eat

It’s not your fucking place if you aren’t my nutritionist or doctor. That’s it.

(The long version of this is my body dysmorphia and how it links back to my eating habits and disorder.)

The demand to justify things like feelings, opinions, etc. on non-important topics

If I don’t like something, I’m not going to go into detail about why I don’t like it if it’s something like a movie. I’m also not going to try to justify why someone makes me feel uncomfortable—because that’s 100% subjective. It really is.

Do you have any super specific pet peeves? Let’s be salty and particular together.

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  1. I like #5. I got really peeved off at my fiancé because I told him I flat out did not like theme parks and he said that he didn’t think I had been to enough to have an opinion. Growing up I was never interested in them, and I didn’t like either of the Disneylands I’ve been to. I know he’s gutted, but it gave me grief when he asked me to justify why I didn’t like them. Like, I just don’t?

    I thoroughly agree with #2, as a web developer… and oh my goodness, Google Drive is a nightmare. I only have to use it at work, but generally I hate Google’s products and avoid using them (yes I don’t even use the search engine unless I am made to). I have never been a big fan of how some features are excluded from the mobile version of a website, but there is no way for the user to access these if their mobile phone is their only device. 😐 It’s hell when it’s an m-dot site and the normal website just redirects to that mobile website URL!

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