Trash Fire Society

I had a different post scheduled for today, but it felt inappropriate to post right now—for many reasons.

I wish I could disconnect from the trash fire society we live in. The one, particularly in North America (I’m looking at you, United States), that gives safe spaces to the white and privileged. The bigoted. The one that allows these people to find other people, and to use as many means possible to harass and abuse them. I wish I could disconnect from that.

I could easily avoid social media. I could quit it all—then I wouldn’t see it happening to myself, or to marginalised writers who speak up about the industry, or to women of colour and Muslims on a daily basis. Amongst, of course, more people who are unsafe.

But I can’t disconnect from the trash fire society. Because these harassers and attackers and mobs of people going out of their way—and taking enjoyment in—abusing these people… they’re simply using one method to state and act upon the beliefs that are more dangerous in person. And this shit blows up in person, in real life, off the Internet. It blows up all the time and people die.

It is a reality for so many people to be under fire and scared to speak and scared to live. And I wish it wasn’t. I wish it were harder for people to suffer at the hands of so many bigots. I wish social media were inclined to safe spaces instead of revenue. I wish for so many things. I wish all of us who are decent human beings could leave this planet and go live somewhere else and be happy. I wish there was more we could do to make safe spaces in an unsafe world—the digital, Internet world, and the vast, offline world.

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  1. Yeah, even social media isn’t safe and I agree with you, that we live in this kind of society. Even my mother talks in this way and I try to redirect her but alas, a lot of people are set in their ways.

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