Writing Wednesday: “Margins”


I exist I exist I exist I exist
and though the world is not my mirror
its people are
pools of water
bits of shiny windows
lenses of a too-dark sunglasses
and I can see myself
in someone’s face

I exist and I exist and you exist and we exist
in glimpses and small fragments
only pieces
compared to our whole mosaic lives
sleek tiles assembled together
to create larger pictures
portraits and murals to stand against
the framed masterpieces deemed Divine and Right

we assemble together
struggle to become large
because under scrutiny
we are nothing;
under a magnifying glass
we are nothing;
under the skin of many hands
we are nothing
up close and personal and individual
a single target in a sea of repeated images
we are puddles to splash in
and distort
at the feet and hands of
small ignorance

but we exist we exist we exist
and we will
unfortunately take more than
a small chunk of reflection
to build skyscrapers as tall
as the ones covering our light

Writing Wednesday 25