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I’m preparing (well, waiting…) to move my BuJo to a new notebook. I’m so excited to finally have a dot grid book! I ordered one from The Book Depository—along with class texts for my final semester, hell yeah—and I’m expecting it to arrive next week.

And of course next week I’ll have a post all about moving into a new bullet journal.

(No promises; post deliveries can be delayed. It might not be another 10 days until it arrives—but I’m hoping.)

But for today, riding off the previous bullet journal post, about finding inspiration, I thought I would continue and show some of my favourite spreads.

I work mostly with daily logs, but have since incorporated a few monthly and weekly logs. I figure, “I’m moving out of this book soon; I may as well try new things before the fresh start.”

So, below are pictures of the spreads, along with what I liked and disliked. I hope you can get a few ideas for yourself!

(Also, excuse the shitty focus. I’m not trying to impress anyone here, so my photography was slap-dash.)

Daily Logs

Daily logs are primarily what I use in my bullet journal, so I have an abundance of them.

Bullet Journal Daily Spread 1

Tuesday March 8

Liked: pizza doodle (and accompanying text); chevron banner

Disliked: pretty much everything else. This spread was close to when I still used signifiers in a dual-column display, along with putting spreads in the index.

Bullet Journal Daily Spread 2

Tuesday March 22

Liked: Header! Washi tape!

Disliked: It’s just one single list of everything and I really, really don’t like that.

Bullet Journal Daily Spread 3

May 10 – 12

Liked: sections; box designs; header text designs; like, almost everything makes me happy in this spread.

Disliked: The glitter star washi tape has actual glitter on it and is a pain in the ass to use, so I rarely use it.

Bullet Journal Daily Spread 4

Tuesday 19 July

Liked: the centered time codex is my favourite part, but I also love the quote (sha-bam, promotion for my recent post about “Feeling It” versus doing it); the divide between “Tasks” and “Agenda” really helped me plan out my day better.

Disliked: I… can’t think of anything I dislike. I love this spread. This is my favourite. I love that washi tape.

Bullet Journal Daily Spread 5

Saturday 6 August

Liked: Everything! Especially the doodles for where I had my giant cooking/meal prep time!

Disliked: It’s very bland and not as colourful as I would have liked. Some more markers or washi tape would have made this spread as darling as the previous one.

(Pst, there’s some worldbuilding notes there for my WIP. Sneak peek!)

Bullet Journal Daily Spread 6

Saturday August 13 and Sunday August 14

Liked: My energy trackers, particularly the horizontal one. This was a brief stint that I know I’ll return to once I have my dot grid notebook.

Disliked: I preferred having the time tracker in the center as a divider, so having them to the side or at the bottom really didn’t jive well with me.

Monthly Logs

In the middle of July, after I returned to Windsor, I invested more time into my monthly logs. I knew I needed a long glance at the weeks for my freelance work to be planned out (and prepared for).

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread 1


Liked: Having a calendar was beneficial, and I liked the tracker.

Disliked: The fact that it’s not a full month really bugged me, but I didn’t want to bother putting in the previous week and a half (and taking up more space than necessary). The tracker wasn’t used as much as I hoped (clearly) because it was just on this page. I need a reminder more often so I know what I’m tracking.

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread 2


This is pretty. I’m going to do this for every month.

Bullet Journal Monthly Spread 3


Liked: Everything.

Disliked: I should have put this onto two pages. The page after this one is the first week of August in a spread (which I didn’t like much).

Weekly Log

Only one! The others didn’t turn out as great.

Bullet Journal Weekly Spread 1

I moved (well, duplicated) a tracker-type thing to a weekly spread. This is easier for me to check off, especially because it references the goals for the week. I loved this layout, since it gave me a small calendar look, listed the deadlines (I don’t like them cramped onto a calendar), and gave me tons of space. A+ would do again.

I hope you can find a bit of inspiration here. I’m very, very excited to move into my new dot grid bullet journal once it comes in! Doing this mini review of my spreads has helped me figure out what I really want to include in the new one. I’m filled with ideas and excitement.

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  1. I loved this! Your bullet journal is so pretty, haha, I’ve just started one and it’s so plain, no color whatsoever. I’m totally going to try out the center column time codex for my next daily log!

    1. A lot of my spreads are plain black and white, but I mix them up with some geometric design to get them less plain. I loooove that center column so much! Let me see your BuJo some time, Shai. 🙂

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