Writing Wednesday: Predictive Text Poem

Yeah I’m sure the best price

online for a few weeks of my own

and a bit more than a year

or more than a year.

I am not a problem with the following:

models and battery life performance

after one of our refurbished Cisco

available to buy and sell used or new

on a map and I.

I am a the the

same time of the most I don’t have to feel for a bit

like to be a good day out out

for the next couple of years.

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  1. This is such a cool idea for writing a poem! At uni I did an experimental writing class, where we’d do things like this. We did one where we had to pick phrases at random out of books, then put them together to make a story/poem (no matter how little sense it made). We also did things like combining adverts for a product with information about heart attacks, which actually worked pretty well!

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