A Brief Pause

I’ve found myself turning away from the Internet more and more, to the point where even minimal browsing pisses me off.

The past week, I’ve been visiting my dad and brothers in my hometown. Being out of Windsor has been a nice break, but I always get anxious the longer I visit here. It’s only been a week, but I want to be back home, with the rest of my books, my fairy lights, my kitchen, my room mate, my central air conditioning… It’s home moreso than this house is.

So I’m taking a small and spontaneous break from blogging until I can re-center and re-focus myself. I’m not sure how long it’ll be before I’m posting regularly again, but I’m hopeful I’ll be back in the game by next Monday.


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  1. You sound so homesick! ): Take a break and go back to the basics. I’ll binge on the internet and then run away from it for a while because it’s such an unnecessary time suck. And yes, very aggravating when you realize all the other things you could and probably should be doing. But the friends I’ve made online keep me hanging around, as well as meeting new writers (like yourself!) so while I’d like to just forego the internet altogether, I believe it’s an impossibility.

    Either way, take care of yourself!

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