Night #4

I was in some place like the Mines of Moria in The Fellowship of the Ring, except instead of being a mine, it was more like sewers. A very damp, labyrinthine mine. There were creatures around us—a group of people, including myself and a pregnant woman—that were large and round and anthropomorphic. You could call them goblins. Sometimes they feigned mindlessness and pretended to ignore us, but they were really trying to catch us off guard. We would alternate between walking hesitantly by them and running for our lives. I don’t know how the tunnels were lit. I think a glow came from below us, in the floor, and gave an even stranger look to the goblins. Going through those tunnels was like going down to Hell in order to come up again.

We were trying to get through the tunnels to bring the pregnant woman to her birthing place. She was in labour. We emerged from the tunnels and were in the back of a convenience store. It was like a trope of the back-alley-abortion, but it was for childbirth. The chips in the convenience store were all bulk size, like the big fuck-off Costco bags. The only flavour allowed behind the curtained section, where the woman was now being cared for, were sour cream and onion. I looked at a counter with the cash register, high up and all acrylic plastic instead of glass, and there were slim bottles of cola.

I left through a door. I entered in a blue room, like the blue of my kitchen, and I was very small. There was a doorway to my left, leading to the basement—true to life. I was like a mouse near the corner of the fridge in real life, but there were no kitchen appliances in the blue room. I had a conversation with my room mate about noises in the basement.

I was then getting Chinese food with an Asian girl—I think she was like the Korean room mate I had in my first year of university. The Chinese restaurant was set up in a canteen/cafeteria style. I hated all of the side dishes available to me. I took a while to order, which made me anxious since they were busy. I went to pay, but had forgotten my debit card. I asked the restaurant owner to wait ten minutes, since I lived up the street. With the Asian girl, I walked outside and discovered it was winter. We got outside and at first the street was like Wyandotte and the Chinese neighbourhood in Windsor. But then it switched to a section of Sandwich Town as we crossed an intersection. Then, it was the 5 Points intersection in Barrie. We reached a shitty little 3-story apartment building and I unlocked the left-most door and went inside. I grabbed my debit card and went to shut the door, but instead pulled two scarves with me and found myself on the 3rd story. I fell down and it didn’t hurt, and then ran back with the scarves and the Asian girl.

Night 4

Writing Wednesday 14

I wanted to share a bit about my current WIP—entitled THE PILGRIMAGE—and the characters are the most important part. Here’s a brief interview between myself and one of the characters!

Welcome to Coryl’s blog! We’re so grateful you decided to let us interview you, with your busy work being a character in an upcoming novel. Thank you so much. First and foremost, your name and a little bit about you.

My name is Zephyr. I’m #2 in my class at the Academy, where I’ve just been sent by the Mistress on an assignment in order to complete this year’s training as a Mage’s Apprentice.

What is your idea of perfect happiness?

A house with a solid foundation, orderly furniture, and tile floors. Every room has a well-watered plant. My sister and father are safe in our homeland.

What do you consider the most overrated virtue?


If you’re outside at night, does your attention wander to the stars or the dark?

My attention wanders to the stars.

Which would be a more painful way of dying: drowning, or burning?

Drowning would be more painful. You’d feel your weight and the internal burning. I think the death would be slower, with no steady progression toward it. When you burn, there are different levels of depth that the fire can inflict pain on, like your skin, then your tissue, and so on. I think it’d be easier to know how close you are to your suffering finally ending. They’re both terrible, unfortunately.

If you could be reincarnated, what or who would you like to be in another life?

A tree in a remote land so I can see how tall I grow.

More about this WIP can be found on the writing projects page.