This Was A Day: June 18

I signed up for a bookbinding workshop at the library here in Windsor. The event started at 10AM and I arrived just on time—the bus was a bit late, but fortunately not too late. Even I was pleased with the turnout to the event! There were a number of elderly folk. I hope if I reach a wise age, I still have interest in trying new things. We made a simple and adorable pamphlet-style single signature booklet. The workshop was run by Jodi Green, a local bookbinder at Levigator Press. She has so many classes and skills, and I must say—the prices are very, very reasonable. If you’re ever in Windsor (or hey, if you’re a Windsorite), she’s super charismatic and knowledgeable. The library provided some stamps and ink to decorate the covers. I was starting to feel a little anxious and awkward by the end of the workshop, so I kept my stamping to a minimum. I’m very pleased with it.

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One of the other attendees, who sat at my table, chatted with me throughout the hour-long workshop. Near the end, she introduced herself and a younger girl—a little unorthodox, like a footnote to all of our small talk. The woman worked with youth and the girl was in ninth grade. After I told her a bit about myself (student, final semester), she sad I could’ve passed as a high school student.

Needless to say, I was a little shocked; but over the past five years, I’ve been taken anywhere between 16 and 25.

My bus ride back home wasn’t the greatest. I really, really hate rude bus drivers.

I had to prepare for a meeting at 2PM with a potential client, so I prepared a small portfolio of my design work. Most of it was older and from about three years ago, but even after that time, I’m still very proud of the work. I was thinking that I could offer my design services alongside all of my editing and formatting ones. Maybe make myself a whole “package” for bookish production!

The meeting, thankfully, went well. It felt less like I had to try to secure her confidence or convince her I was skilled enough, and more that I had to show my interest and dedication to the project. I’m excited to work on the project, as well as with the woman. She and I clicked well, which is a blessing with any sort of business relationship. I like having a personal rapport with them—I feel less rigid, and it’s easier for me to show my passion.

Time went by incredibly quickly after the meeting. I had some food and messed up my dill pickle popcorn. Note to self: don’t pour a liquid seasoning on the stovetop popcorn. It’ll melt the popcorn. Toss in the liquids instead.

I watched season 4: episode 2 of Orange Is The New Black. Yesterday, I watched the first episode and didn’t think I’d be able to get into it. But after I finished this episode, I think I can still enjoy the series.

My boyfriend and I had a Skype date scheduled for 5:30—which is right now. I always budget my time to accommodate the fact that he’s always late. We’ll talk for a while, I might play some flash games, and I’ll end the night with reading and writing. Maybe throw in a to-do list for tomorrow and my new client work.

A small announcement: Starting next week, I’m increasing my blog posts to Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays for three posts per week.

Hope you all had a decent Saturday!

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  1. Glad things were positive with the potential client! I hate when it is a convincing game and you need to convince the person you can do the job. I can still pass as a high school student, though sometimes people think I am in my late 20s because of my career so far. One person at work said to me ‘yeah I worked on the wharf too, with my first job in Sydney! I bet we were working at the same time. It was around 2006’. It made for a good laugh when I said I was still in high school in 2006. :p

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