Month In Review: March 2016

How has a month gone by already? It’s as if the middle of February were two weeks ago, but here we are, on April 1st, making sure rent is paid and checking when utility bills are due. #adulting

It’s as if the last chapter of life was one month, and we’ve turned the page and changed seasons. Bless the beauty of literary techniques, because time travelling in real life would be terrifying if it feels like this!

March In Pictures

I ate a lot of vegetarian food

01 March 2016
March 1; scrambled spicy tofu with black beans and rice
19 March (2) 2016
March 19; delicious and crispy pan-fried hoisin tofu!
22 March 2016
March 22; chickpea and potato curry

I had a couple bad days.

09 March 2016
March 9; wanted bunny snuggles all day
08 March 2016
March 8; clearly a terrible day if I’m craving pizza

I got really into bullet journalling.

15 March 2016
March 15; two spreads!

I rediscovered how frustrating and enjoyable working in InDesign can be.

14 March 2016
March 14; working on material for my employer

My boyfriend got Snapchat (and I am actually senpai, since I’m a year ahead of him in school).

18 March 2016
March 18; a few days after we had a really tense weekend.

I started drinking coffee.

19 March (1) 2016
March 19; I wish I could wake up earlier more often for mornings like this

Easter happened and my rabbit is the cutest.

27 March 2016
March 27; he was quite confused about being in a basket.

My hair reached a better length and I bought new hair products that make it so, so soft!

03 March 2016
March 3; this seems so much shorter than how it is now, and this is after I straightened it!
28 March 2016
March 28; two days after using the new products. This was a luscious hair day

Most of these you may have seen on my Instagram if you’re following me! Hence all the food and selfies.

A single adjective for March was educational.

I learned how to manage my emotions and feelings better. I learned a kickass way to prepare tofu. I started the process of learning to be kind to myself—my body, my emotions, and my mind. I also learned that I like coffee?? Four years ago, I couldn’t go into a cafe without the urge to cover my nose at the smell, so that’s certainly a new thing.

In April, I look forward to:
  • Classes finishing on the 8th.
  • My boyfriend visiting on the 11th.
  • My exams on the 11th, 20th, and 21st—since they mean I’ll be finally done with this semester.
  • Seeing my dad and brother later in the month.
  • Shifting my focus away from school and toward my own projects—my writing in particular.
  • Rainier and milder weather.