Writing Wednesday 05

If you remember my old Writing Wednesday series, an earlier version of this poem made its debut there. I’ve reworked it to lengthen it and I’m quite fond of it!

shallow woman;
tiny heart.
tell me how you break the stars.

with moonbeams
and razorblades
smacking hard against the table?

with axeheads?
with rapiers?

with manicured nails
and proper knuckles
clawing through sable sores?

with bludgeons?
with kisses?

with fireflies
and firelight
blinding artisan work and whittles?

with a thousand bloated promises
filled with sluggish poison?

with care?
with spite?
with malice and bitter taste?

show me,
tiny woman,
amongst the dust and debris
glinting across static darkness,
what treasure you find within.

Writing Wednesday 05