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The Pilgrimage – Fantasy

Five outcasts pilgrimage to a magic-laced dormant volcano for answers and power.

A lost and volatile girl. A betrayed and confused sister. A talented and short-tempered man. A jobless and naive woman. A determined and cutthroat student. A rigid and quiet Mage. Sent on his final test to retrieve magic from the no-man’s-land mountain range, Zephyr brings his recently unemployed twin sister along to help him. While trying to avoid a one-track-mind student, they meet a woman looking for her missing sister and a desperate man searching for a home… But instead of family and hearth, they encounter an ancient, powerful magic to tempt them all.

Status: Draft Finished; Revising in March!

February 26th Word Count: 89,700/70,000 (128%)

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PILGRIMAGE mood board small

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