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#WIPjoy in February

WIPjoy is a series of questions and prompts are from Bethany A. Jennings (on Instagram, Twitter, and her website)  for writers to answer about their work-in-progress. I was late to the January party, and I don’t want to wait until the next one, so I’m doing the first 28 prompts through February!

The WIP (work in progress) I’ll post about is The Pilgrimage. I’m well on my way to having the draft done and ready for intense revisions, so I figure now is the perfect time to shout my love and joy for this project. I’ll be posting daily, but they’ll be very short posts!

Week 1: Introductions

Week 2: Relationships

Week 3: A Few of My Favourite Things

Week 4: Character Takeover (Roleplaying!)

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