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5 Reasons To Read Poetry

A quick post to give my fellow novel writers some reasons and encouragement to branch out into reading poetry. Poetry is an incredible artform for writers. Really, this short post is just to share my love of poetry. There’s also some recommended reading! Continue Reading 5 Reasons To Read Poetry

3 Ways I Beat a Reading Slump

I regularly fall into reading slumps where I just can’t pick up a book, no matter how much I want to, and invest myself in the story. I share 3 of my tips for beating a reading slump brought on when my story palate needs to be cleansed. Continue Reading 3 Ways I Beat a Reading Slump

Bullet Journal Breaks: Starting and Ending Them

Here is my advice and experience with taking a break, intentionally or unintentionally, from your bullet journal, and what to do when you’re done your break. // Word Count: 1171 Continue Reading Bullet Journal Breaks: Starting and Ending Them

Writing Resource Roundup: Revision

This month’s roundup features articles, posts, and blogs that deal with revising your writing. // Word Count: 238 Continue Reading Writing Resource Roundup: Revision

Self-Editing Tips: Line Edits

Line edits are the edits I know I get distracted to do while revising. Here are my tips on how to approach them after your developmental edits. // Word Count: 879 Continue Reading Self-Editing Tips: Line Edits

Bullet Journal 101: Finding What Works

Due to all the variation in bullet journal spreads and uses, it can be hard to find what’s right for you. I have a few tips for finding what works for you. // Word Count: 956 Continue Reading Bullet Journal 101: Finding What Works

Self-Editing Tips: Developmental Edits

Some tips for the first round of revisions on a novel: developmental edits! // Word Count: 731 Continue Reading Self-Editing Tips: Developmental Edits

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