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Thoughts On Feeling Inadequate

I don’t think I’ve ever felt like “enough” of anything for anyone, especially myself. Slight trigger warning for suicide/suicide mention. // Word Count: 656 Continue Reading Thoughts On Feeling Inadequate

Thoughts On Being Transgender

Some affirmations for myself and reminders to everyone else about being gender non-conforming and therefore transgender. // Word Count: 661 Continue Reading Thoughts On Being Transgender

A pink balloon attached to the string by a white chair in a grey setting.

Thoughts On Zombies

Let’s get into the creepy-crawly Halloween spirit by talking about zombies and decay! // Word Count: 457 Continue Reading Thoughts On Zombies

Moody photograph of tombstones at dusk.

Thoughts On Aging

Much like how I don’t “get” time, I also don’t “get” age. // Word Count: 464 Continue Reading Thoughts On Aging

A macro photograph of a colourful cake with a number three candle.

Thoughts On Meat

This post is a small collection of thoughts on one of the many I have regarding eating habits (meat eating, vegetarianism, and veganism in particular). // Word Count: 718 Continue Reading Thoughts On Meat

Feeling Like It vs. Doing It

For the past year I’ve been ingraining the following motto into my head: “I don’t have to feel like doing something in order to do it.” // Word Count: 628 Continue Reading Feeling Like It vs. Doing It

Thoughts On Photoshop Retouching

A brief opinion post about self-confidence through selfies and technology. // Word Count: 451 Continue Reading Thoughts On Photoshop Retouching

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