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My Spectrum Identity Struggles

This is a very personal post about how I feel being in the shifting middle of the spectrums of romantic attraction and gender. Continue Reading My Spectrum Identity Struggles

Questioning, Part 2

This part of my questioning focuses on confusion and isolation, and the very real fear that questioning myself will lead to loss in the future. // Word Count: 840 Continue Reading Questioning, Part 2


I’m questioning parts of my identity (again) and wanted to share my thoughts on the concept of changing your mind. // Word Count: 321 Continue Reading Questioning

Two tree trunks with spray-painted question marks and a text overlay reading Questioning

Thoughts On Fluid Sexuality

My thoughts on how sexuality can change, based on my own experiences with mine. // Word Count: 727 Continue Reading Thoughts On Fluid Sexuality

Decorative image of an overcast sky and brown sand beach.