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5 Reasons To Read Poetry

A quick post to give my fellow novel writers some reasons and encouragement to branch out into reading poetry. Poetry is an incredible artform for writers. Really, this short post is just to share my love of poetry. There’s also some recommended reading! Continue Reading 5 Reasons To Read Poetry

Launching A Patreon

I’ve launched a Patreon page! This post briefly explains my reasons for choosing Patreon, how I hope it supports me in the future, and a bit of what my social media followers can expect with this change. Continue Reading Launching A Patreon

Writing Transformation From Lit Mags

In an effort to beat a reading slump and improve writing craft, I turned to literary magazines featuring poetry, short stories, and essays. I read two years of publications from one journal and my writing transformed. Continue Reading Writing Transformation From Lit Mags

Improve Wring Craft From Lit Mags

Poetry Collection Cover Reveal

The cover reveal for my poetry collection COMPASSES AND OTHER ORNAMENTS OF DIRECTION, which releases on November 18. Continue Reading Poetry Collection Cover Reveal

Announcement: Self-Publishing My Poetry

In what has been years in the making, I’m finally publishing my collection of poetry as a means of healing from trauma and moving on. // Word Count: 525 Continue Reading Announcement: Self-Publishing My Poetry

Writing Wednesday: “An Electrifying Feel”

A poem about a businesswoman and the start-up she works for. // Word Count: 511 Continue Reading Writing Wednesday: “An Electrifying Feel”

A photograph of a misty cityscape.

Writing Wednesday: Writing Prompts

A quick list of prompts for prose, poetry, or journalling. 4 prompts for each form! // Word Count: 342 Continue Reading Writing Wednesday: Writing Prompts

A close-up of a notebook and fountain pen with faded writing.

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