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Month In Review: September 2017

A small review of September. I didn’t do much, but that’s okay! October will be busy. // Word Count: 276 Continue Reading Month In Review: September 2017

Announcement: Self-Publishing My Poetry

In what has been years in the making, I’m finally publishing my collection of poetry as a means of healing from trauma and moving on. // Word Count: 525 Continue Reading Announcement: Self-Publishing My Poetry

C25k Journey, Part 4

Part 4 in my couch-to-5K journey entails restarting the whole program. Here’s why I’m starting from week 1 again. // Word Count: 342 Continue Reading C25k Journey, Part 4

C25K Journey, Part 3

I’ve gotten a few runs in since my last check-in, but I think I need to put the program on hold. // Word Count: 450 Continue Reading C25K Journey, Part 3

Month In Review: May 2017

A very short look at May. // Word Count: 230 Continue Reading Month In Review: May 2017

My Hometown

At the end of this month, I’m returning to my hometown where I grew up, after four and a half years living in Windsor. This is a nostalgia post. // Word Count: 620 Continue Reading My Hometown

My PTSD And Motivation

PTSD affects my motivation, goal setting, and my ability to “achieve” things. // Word Count: 804 Continue Reading My PTSD And Motivation

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