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Month In Review: June 2018

June was a lump of a month and I didn’t get up to much. Again. There’s a pattern here… Continue Reading Month In Review: June 2018

2nd Quarter Goals for 2018

Curious to see what I plan on getting up to between now and the end of June? I have quite a few projects that I want to work on, as well as general goals I want to accomplish. Continue Reading 2nd Quarter Goals for 2018

My PTSD And Motivation

PTSD affects my motivation, goal setting, and my ability to “achieve” things. // Word Count: 804 Continue Reading My PTSD And Motivation

2017: 2nd Quarter

I’m checking in for my goals for April, May, and June, and seeing how well I achieved my goals for January, February, and March! // Word Count: 720 Continue Reading 2017: 2nd Quarter

2017: Beginning

A look at what I hope 2017 to bring to me, and how I think it’ll feel. Continue Reading 2017: Beginning

Month In Review: September 2016

September passed by so quickly, and we’re moving on to my favourite month. // Word Count: 329 Continue Reading Month In Review: September 2016

Thin wooden boards with contrasting light and dark brown colouring.

Writing Wednesday: October Goals

An overview of goals, setbacks, and tactics for October’s writing. // Word Count: 581 Continue Reading Writing Wednesday: October Goals

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