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Why Body Positivity Makes Me Uncomfortable

I have a lot of thoughts about body positivity. The current “trends” in the movement are difficult for me to support. This is a long critique of how body positivity makes me uncomfortable. There are four aspects to this social stance that make the movement feel like another unattainable standard for me. Continue Reading Why Body Positivity Makes Me Uncomfortable

4 Reasons Why Body Positivity Makes Me Uncomfortable

My Spectrum Identity Struggles

This is a very personal post about how I feel being in the shifting middle of the spectrums of romantic attraction and gender. Continue Reading My Spectrum Identity Struggles


I’m questioning parts of my identity (again) and wanted to share my thoughts on the concept of changing your mind. // Word Count: 321 Continue Reading Questioning

Two tree trunks with spray-painted question marks and a text overlay reading Questioning

Thoughts On Being Transgender

Some affirmations for myself and reminders to everyone else about being gender non-conforming and therefore transgender. // Word Count: 661 Continue Reading Thoughts On Being Transgender

A pink balloon attached to the string by a white chair in a grey setting.

A Typical Switch Day

I am bigender. Some days I am a girl, some days I am a boy, and some days, like today, I switch between the two and am both. // Word Count: 629 Continue Reading A Typical Switch Day

A photograph of a cluster of light switches and wires.

Thoughts On Fluid Sexuality

My thoughts on how sexuality can change, based on my own experiences with mine. // Word Count: 727 Continue Reading Thoughts On Fluid Sexuality

Decorative image of an overcast sky and brown sand beach.

A Typical Girl Day

I am bigender. Some days I am a girl, like today, and my gender lines up with my anatomy and how other people read my gender. It isn’t perfect. // Word Count: 955 Continue Reading A Typical Girl Day

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