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Discount Rates til 07/30!

Summer Sale Terms

Interested in hiring me to edit your manuscript? You should be! From June 11 to July 30, my freelance editing services are 25% cheaper! For a limited time, and for limited availability, you can book manuscript edits for the next 6 weeks at a discount. We can work on edits as soon as possible, or negotiate a revision period within the next 6 months! See terms and conditions below. If you have any questions, feel free to comment, tweet me, or email me (

The freelance editing discount applies to the full rate, calculated by word count to the nearest 250 words using the discount rate, of your manuscript. The draft for word count calculation is the draft you intend to first submit for edits. Additional drafts are included in the contract, with limitations.

The discount promotion is active and applicable from June 11 2018 @ 4:00pm EST to July 30 2018 @ 11:59:59pm EST. The discount can be applied to projects booked, with contract and deposit, beyond the promotion period. For example, a contract can be negotiated for manuscript editing to begin on September 1 2018, and the deposit paid by July 30 2018.

Projects with a start date contracted beyond July 30 2018 must pay the deposit by July 30 2018. This deposit is a negotiable percentage of the final rate.

Freelance editing schedule for substantive edits is first-come, first-serve for clients. The client’s schedule and Coryl Reef’s availability are taken into consideration when booking a time slot. The discount is limited to manuscripts with a contracted completion date of December 31 2018.

“But Coryl, my draft isn’t ready yet!”

You have three options!

  1. Finish it before July 30. I believe in you!
  2. Contact me by July 30 with your current or anticipated word count for the draft, to calculate a deposit and secure a contract for future work.
  3. Wait for the next sale.

Don’t rush your work or force your writing. I’ll be around for awhile, and there will be more discounts in the future. I’d much rather we work together on a project where you’ve taken time and care to do your best!

This page was last updated on June 11, 2018.