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This is a representative selection of some design and formatting work I’ve done, both for commission and personal projects. I’ve aimed to show a range of my styles and capabilities, though I have highlighted my photo-manipulation skills. I would classify my style as theme-dependent and colour palette-focused. You can see my CV/resume here (.doc) and here (PDF) on Google Drive for more unfeatured work.

Cover Design: Story Pitches

I asked a few authors if they had any story ideas they would pitch to me in order for me to design a cover for the not-yet-drafted books. Using a very brief and concise pitch, I came up with a design for the cover. This was a test for myself to see how much information I would need in a story in order to create a cover that the author would love. Using unwritten books was also a challenge for the authors, as they needed to create a pitch for a story that doesn’t exist.

Cover Design: Girls’ School

Author: Briana Morgan

Genre: Contemporary/Supernatural YA

Date: March 2017

Girls’ School was pitched to me using a comparison film with the twist of lesbian witches. Needless to say, as a member of the queer community, I was thrilled to do something with this concept. This cover gave me a ton of opportunities to develop my skills in photography blending, colour toning and correcting, and compounded overlay effects in Photoshop. Fun fact: the electrical magic effect over the pentacle is a “lesbian love” symbol that was not intended to be there or appear that way, but looked better than my original placement and styling.

Cover Redesigns: Genre Swapping

Early this year, I picked two childhood-favourite books for which I wanted to redesign the covers. Since I’ve read the books multiple times, I was intimately familiar with the themes, imagery, and style of the stories. Using this knowledge, I aimed to swap the genre of the books to convey a different mood from the original cover while still maintaining the story’s key elements.

Cover Redesign: The Thief Lord

Author: Cornelia Funke

Genre: Children’s Fantasy

Genre Swap: YA Magical Realism

Date: February 2017

The Thief Lord is one of my favourite childhood novels by one of my favourite authors. The original cover is a dark, foggy, nighttime scene in chalk pastel by artist Christian Birmingham, with gold embossed text. I chose this book to redesign for two reasons. My first reason was a desire to show the magic of the story through the artwork. The second reason was to include more visual elements and imagery from the story in the artwork: the carousel horse is a nod to the plot of the story; and the canals of Venice sets the story.

Cover Redesign: The Bad Beginning

Author: Lemony Snicket

Genre: Children’s Gothic or Absurdist Fiction

Genre Swap: YA Contemporary

Date: February 2017

A Series of Unfortunate Events was a staple in my childhood reading (moreso than Harry Potter—and I’m not sorry). The original covers feature gorgeous illustrations by Brett Helquist that highlight the absurd tone of the writing and the gothic elements of the story. I wanted to remove the whimsy from the series and focus on the real trauma that the Baudelaires survive. My first goal was to use photography for a more “realistic” setting. My second goal was to enhance the element of mystery. The resulting artwork is simple and intentionally borders on a feminine mood due to the large readership of YA contemporary novels (women).

Cover, Jacket, and Interior and Exterior Layout

On Wings of Faith, Hope, and Love

Poetry and Prose Collection

July – August 2016

I was commissioned by a local poet for her self-published collection of poetry and prose. This print-only project needed a full book package from interior to exterior. After we met for a creative consultation, I designed the interior to accommodate the largely senior readership she would have. The changes included larger text size and line spacing to increase readability for those with poorer and failing eyesight. The core theme of the collection was growth like a butterfly, so the image of a butterfly in flight was incorporated from the more realistic image on the cover, to the abstracted glyph in the running headers. The cover features a custom, digital illustration of a blue butterfly as its focal point, with script typography to suit the poet’s style. The poet wanted a cover that was feminine without being too delicate or flashy. This collection, as well as the 2nd edition re-releases, were published through Windsor Public Library, and followed their guidelines for formatting and design.

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