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New Bullet Journal Setup

In preparation for my new bullet journal, I assessed my old one and what worked and what didn’t. From that, I made a list of what I wanted to include in the new bullet journal.

So, here’s the list of what I included! I won’t go into detail about each one, since they’re all worthy of their own blog post; but most of them are pretty self-explanatory.

Of course, I have monthly, weekly, and daily spreads going on. But these are the collections I included in my new bullet journal. A few more that I’d like to include are:

Anyway, onto the pictures.

Bullet Journal: Page layout featuring small calendars for each month from September 2016 to September 2017.

Bullet Journal: Two pages for book reading, including a list of books to read, and book statistics.

Bullet Journal: Layout to track book genre, demographic, and rating; author's gender; and page count.

Bullet Journal: Partial view of a spread that lists local business locations and hours.

Bullet Journal: Layout listing various goals related to creative writing.

Bullet Journal: Layout listing various goals related to physical and mental health.

Bullet Journal: Layout listing various goals related to creating art.

Bullet Journal: Layout listing prices and payments for bills.

Bullet Journal: A chart showing class schedules.

I’m so glad I started a new bullet journal. I have the collections all near the front of the book, with a bit of extra space before I started my September spreads. I much prefer having them separate. In my old BuJo, I had some collections interspersed with my daily spreads and it broke my flow so much. I ended up neglecting those collections and trackers because they weren’t in a very accessible spot. Sure, I could have marked them off or put them in the index. But even now, if you can see it, I have an orange sticky note in my bullet journal, to mark where September begins—and I don’t use it. My first instinct is to flip through the book, and there’s no sense in fighting that.

Anyway, perhaps you found some inspiration here! Bonus points to you if you can tell which spread I messed up on.

Pinterest-ready image. Bullet Journal: Setup for my new notebook

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  1. Liz says:

    I attempted a bullet journal, but it didn’t work for me, heh. I always enjoy looking at others’, though, because they set them up quite nicely.

    I like your dashes of color with the washi tape. ^^;

    • Coryl o'Reilly says:

      It took me some time to get the bullet journal system to work for me, so I know what you mean. Sometimes I stray from it to use other planning tools. 🙂 I love looking at Erin Condren and Kikki K planners, with all the stickers, but I tried a traditional planner like them and it didn’t work for me. There are so many beautiful bullet journals out there with lots of doodles and art that make me swoon, but I know I couldn’t make that style work for me.

      Washi tape makes everything so much more fun!

  2. Jessica M says:

    I absolutely love your Goal pages! The dot grids look great, and I’m sure it’s soo much easier to make tables and graphs without having to measure each square.

    I tried to find the spread you mussed up… but I’m not sure which? )):

    Also, what is the giant table you’re filling in on your Book Stats page? Is that an overall goal of your TBR pile?

    • Coryl o'Reilly says:

      The dot grid layout makes the entire book feel more structured, without actually being permanently structured. I’m absolutely in love with it!

      I messed up on the year-at-a-glance spread. 😉 The large batch of washi tape covers January and February of 2017, where I put the dates in wrong!

      The table tracks the number of pages I’ve read. Each square is 100 pages. I’m not aiming to fill it up, but it helps keep in perspective just how much I’m actually reading, even when it doesn’t feel like a lot.

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