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My Favourite BuJo Supplies

For my bullet journal, I don’t aim to make my spreads the most beautiful. I also have a somewhat humble collection of washi tape. This post is a list of what I use and what I’ve gathered over the past year. Starting out in a bullet journal, I only had pens, a notebook, and a ruler.

Here’s what I use in my bullet journal (though not all of them in every spread!)

All of the calligraphy-type writing I do is done with my black gel pen or the fine tip Sharpie. I do a “fake calligraphy” method like the one outlined in this post from Jones Design Company.

I use a pencil to pre-plan my layouts to avoid as many mistakes as possible. I get peace of mind knowing I can erase away the lines and lettering after I ink them! that doesn’t eliminate all of my mistakes.

Although it’s not strictly a tool or supply I use, Pinterest is one of my favourite places to find inspiration for my bullet journal. I have a board set up for layouts, handwriting styles, and collection ideas.

Photo collage of some planner layouts.

I like to keep my number of supplies to a minimum. I’m not very keen to have a giant arts and crafts collection.

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  1. Georgie says:

    I feel like part of the reason why I don’t bujo to a great extent is because I feel like I don’t have time to do a lot of the “prettier” stuff, but I absolutely really want to. I can imagine my collection of supplies would be really small too; I don’t even like to keep a lot of stationery ?

    • Coryl Reef says:

      I agree! That’s why I started off as simply as I could and built up what I have here over a year. I now have just the right amount of supplies to do what I like with my bullet journal. Nobody really needs as much as some of the big BuJo bloggers have, especially people who have jobs and less free time. I hoard notebooks, but that’s about it for stationery.