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Month In Review: September 2016

I started up my last semester of university this month, and I could not be more excited to be done with school. My boyfriend also moved in with me. September was so rainy and thankfully cooled down halfway through the month. I can wear sweaters again!

Here are some of my favourite posts from this month:
A single adjective for September was transitional

I had to get used to going to school once again. It feels like time has barely passed, though. I think that’s because I have two single-day classes per week, so it feels like I’m going to fewer classes (which is true). There was also a lot of change to get used to. I also didn’t do everything I wanted to, blog-wise, during September. Not even bothered by that.

In October, I look forward to:

I’m hoping October doesn’t go by too quickly, but I’m hoping it does—I’ll be even closer to getting out of school and facing the shit-storm of society. Let’s hope I also get a ton of writing done.

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  1. Sydney says:

    *bows to the autumn gods* It’s just now getting chilly in Las Vegas and I couldn’t be more thankful. (And “chilly” is relative since it’s still 80-85°F which is moderate summer weather for some!) I’m excited to wear sweaters and boots again. Fall is my favorite time for fashion. Winter, too. 😛

    Yay for starting a bullet journal! I’ve tried a handful of times but I’m horrible at it. I’m never motivated to create the pages and spreads, and I get really irritated when I mess up even ONE thing. I’m too much of a perfectionist. I just order pretty planners now with empty pages in the back where I can put lists and things. 😛 Honestly, I’m bad with planners, too. I need to be better because I’m forgetful, but it isn’t a habit I’m used to.

    Good luck with NaNoWriMo! Congrats on finishing your WIP, too. That’s such an accomplishment! Hopefully you can conquer 50k words in November. You’re a very diligent writer so I have complete faith in you. ^^

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