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Month In Review: May 2016

May was so fast and so warm. I think I can say I didn’t sleep enough (or well enough) this month, and I had more weird and nightmarish dreams than I’ve ever had before. Maybe a bad omen? I’m not sure. I’m going to keep this post extremely short. I haven’t had a great month, to be as honest as possible. There’s been a lot of confusion and self-loathing, but I’m not getting detailed about it.

A single adjective for May was contemplative

Did a lot of thinking about a lot of things. Didn’t come to a conclusion for most of those things. There was so much for me to wonder about and be confused by, both in my own life and in others’—particularly on Twitter with the #storycrafter chats and connecting with a heap of other writers.

In June, I look forward to

Have a good month.


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