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Month In Review: August 2016

August was a hard month. It always is. I hate August. It and February are the two chunks of the year where I want to skip and go to the next level. I’ve always felt bitter about this month, since I’d rather be in school, I hate summer, and I am a very impatient person. And ever since my brother died in 2011, it’s been harder. From July 24 to August 26, I’m reminded of the quick transition between life and death—the anniversary of his death on the 24th, and his birthday on the 26th.

I’d rather sleep through August.

Here are some of my favourite posts from this month:

A single adjective for August was depressed

Because that’s how I felt for the bulk of this month. I think it was in part because I went off my hormonal birth control for 6 weeks, and also because… well, because I have depression. The birth control helps. I can’t wait to be back on it at the start of September.

In September, I look forward to

I’m planning on including some university living posts for my final semester. I’ve experienced enough post-secondary life to impart some wisdom, especially when it does not relate to “decorate your dorm” or other on-campus living. I didn’t go that route, and I’m so fucking glad I didn’t. There will also be more bullet journal posts, I promise. With my new set-up that I have planned, there will be spotlights on individual spreads.

Autumn, I await your easy company.

Month In Review August 2016

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