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Launching A Patreon

After some deliberating, I’ve decided to launch a Patreon for my blog, writing, and art!

Why Patreon?

I played with the idea of placing advertisements on my blog, but I wanted to keep this website as clear and focused as possible on my content. I can’t describe how frustrated I get when I’m visiting a blog, trying to read a post or look at pictures, and I have to scroll through advertisements in order to find the content. Not just scroll past ads to get to the content, but to dig for it amongst the clutter.

I didn’t want that experience for my blog. It felt inaccessible and off-brand for me. So to monetise my work (because a blog is work, writing is work, and art is work), I settled on Patreon.

It’s free to set up. It’s also a platform I’m familiar with. But most importantly, it’s something I need to stick to in order to gain the rewards from it. I hope to get some support for my creative endeavours, notably my artwork. I haven’t had much motivation to create and share my art. Recently, I realised why: I didn’t have an audience for it, and I didn’t value my efforts.

With Patreon, I feel so much more motivated to deliver content, regardless of patrons and how many I have. It’s an external form of accountability.

It’s also a space that I want to grow and focus on. As such, I’ll be announcing blog posts, writing updates, and artwork there before I post to any other social media. While I will continue tweeting, instagramming, pinning, and facebooking, Patreon will come first.

You can follow me for free to get those first updates. I will love you and be eternally grateful if you pledge, too! Exclusive content is available at tier one, the Cait Siths, for $1 a month, so you don’t need to pledge much to get behind-the-scenes.

Click below to reach my Patreon page. I hope to see you there!

Patreon Become A Patron Button

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  1. Georgie says:

    I don’t watch a lot of YouTube but I have seen a lot of Youtubers creating Patreons for the content they create. I’ve seen it everywhere but it was nice reading what you wrote here about why you chose it. (The only other person/group I have seen explain Patreon and why they chose is Wong Fu Productions, and I watch their videos from time to time and was a big fan a while ago as well. Lots of other YouTubers just go “support me on Patreon!!!!!!” lol ok.) To me it seems that Patreon will keep you motivated and accountable, and give you more of a reason to be creating awesome stuff.

    I’ll be honest and say that I am really quite satisfied with the posts I “get” by reading your blog already! So I don’t think I will be pledging at this stage, but you have my full support and I encourage you to keep going with your creative endeavours! 🌻

    • Coryl Reef says:

      Thanks, Georgie! I fully respect and support your decision not to pledge! Youtubers are definitely one of the content creators I see moving to Patreon, which is something I understand. I’ve done a bit of video recording and editing, and it’s incredibly time consuming.